Start a Chapter

Want to start a chapter at your school?

We have a number of resources to help you get started! Contact the National Organization for more information. In the meantime, here are a few pointers:

Find out what the university policies say about starting a student organization. How many people do you need? What facilities will you be allowed to use? Usually a packet of this information is available from the Student Affairs office.

Gather friends and allies in the LGBTQA community to be active members of your campus organization.

Get in touch with oSTEM’s National Organization and send information about your chapter. We’ll add your organization to the national page, and contact your organization with inquiries from national organizations for speaking engagements or recruiting.

oSTEM members at a nearby college or university may be helpful with setting up local professional networks.

To help you get started, the oSTEM National Organization has created the oSTEM Chapter Handbook.