Start a Chapter

Want to start a chapter at your college/university?

oSTEM Chapters are founded on four important relationships: 

1.) Chapter to Members/Student Body 

Creating events and programming that support LGBTQ STEM students at your institution and in your community. This can be LGBTQ-focused workshops, panels of queer professionals, hosting information sessions with sponsors, fun socials, and much more.

2.) Chapter to the Community

Volunteering in the community with K-12 programs and collaborating with other student organizations focused on the LGBTQ and STEM communities.

3.) Chapter to other Chapters

Participating in the online chapter network by posting and helping to answer questions, collaborating on regional events like pride parades or conferences, and representing your chapter in your regional council.

4.) Chapter to oSTEM, Inc. Executive Committee

Attending the annual conference and participating in workshops, panels, poster presentations, chapter-focused events, affinity groups, and opportunities to speak directly with companies and organizations that are interested in LGBTQ STEM students and professionals.  

Checklist for Starting a Chapter:

  1. Recruit at least three officers and one faculty/staff advisor.
  2. Register as an official student organization at your college or university.
  3. Establish an email listserv/distribution list for your chapter.
  4. Join a social media site and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google+.  There you can meet and see what other chapters have done in terms of events, planning, and more.
  5. Fill out the New Chapter Application, which will require info from the officers, advisors, etc.  After the Membership Team processes your application you will receive the personalized logos for your chapter, official email address and your chapter will be added to the chapters page on our website. New chapter applications are typically only processed during the end of a semester, but temporary logos and letters of support can be provided on request. 
  6. Review and follow all organizational guidelines for use of the new chapter logo.  This is in the handbook, but more information will be provided.

You can also check out our oSTEM Chapter Handbook for additional information!

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to the Membership Team at