STEM, LGBTQ & You (Feb 19, 2021)
STEM, LGBTQ & You is the UK regional oSTEM conference that aims to bring LGBTQ+ STEM people together whilst also helping educate our allies.
This conference includes presentations from LGBTQ+ people studying and working in STEM, about their research, their LGBTQ+ and / or STEM journeys, and the experiences they have had along the way. The event also hosts a panel discussion - "The Impact of COVID-19 on STEM Communication and LGBTQ+ Communities." This event is designed for everyone, regardless of whether you have a STEM background or identify as LGBTQ+. We welcome everyone who wants to learn more about a diverse range of subjects and/or how people who identify as LGBTQ+ experience the world of STEM.
This is just one example of what a regional conference can look like. 
Please contact your Regional Coordinator if you are interested in planning a regional conference.