Posted on Apr 05, 2019

Graduating from Bowling Green State University with a degree in theatrical design after a finding herself consistently the only black woman, Alexis Moody struggled to secure any interviews or to find a pathway into her chosen career. Despite that disappointing journey, Alexis is now in leadership as a senior software engineer at a DC startup. In this edition of oSTEM’s Rising Stars: Black & Out, Alexis tells how an unexpected encounter led her to a coding bootcamp where she found overwhelming support for women and nonbinary people as well as resources for getting internships and eventual jobs. Finding inclusion as an employee, led Alexis to personally including her queer identity empowering her to come out in recent years. Knowing what it is to be on the outside, Alexis is committed to mentoring and bringing people forward into their own successes. Finally, Alexis is an avid quidditch player and volunteer for the International Quidditch Association, and says that she’s always looking for folks who want to level up their web design skills by volunteering!

CW: Alexis’ story includes some themes of internalized homophobia. If you feel this content may be triggering, you can fast forward from 2:40 - 2:58.

For information on volunteering or to ask questions about getting into Tech, Alexis invites you to get in touch via Twitter.