What is it?


oSTEM's Mentorship Program launched a pilot in June 2019. The next iteration of this program will be launching early 2021. At the beginning of the program, mentees and mentors will work together to set personal goals that will be tracked on a monthly basis and participate in an overall curriculum designed to help students and professionals along their respective journeys.

We hope to optimize matches for our mentees based on their personal priorities (geographical proximity, shared identity, academic / field alignment, professional / career alignment, or LGBTQ advocacy interests).


How do I join?


To be added to the mailing list to be notified of the official launch date and program info, you can sign up below. If you are interested in participating in this program, we will have applications for both mentors and mentees soon!

  • We especially encourage applications from traditionally under-served communities.
  • We also urge those who are in their mid to late careers to submit a mentor application to mentor PhD candidates and Postdocs.

If you have any questions please contact mentorship@ostem.org

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